I am an associate professor of Political Science in the School of Public Service at Boise State University. I have taught at Boise State since 2012. My primary research agenda focuses on asymmetric interactions in international relations, whether it is between states or non-states, interstate war, civil conflict, terrorism, U.S. foreign policy, bargaining, hegemony, and international political economy. I teach courses on international relations, comparative foreign policy, US foreign policy, civil war, terrorism, research and quantitative methodology, and game theory.

Paul Huth interviewed me for a podcast centered on my recent publication discussing how regional power affects trade in the Journal of Conflict Resolution.

You can email me at michaelaallen@boisestate.edu. My office is room 5125 on the 5th floor of the Environmental Research Building. You can find my latest curriculum vitae here and my departmental webpage at Boise State here.

U.S. Troop Deployments Overseas 1950-2020. Data from: Allen, Michael A., Michael Flynn, Carla Martinez Machain. Forthcoming. “U.S. Global Military Deployments, 1950-2020.” Conflict Management and Peace Science.