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The Correlates of War Project – Contains data for inter-state, intra-state, and extra-state conflicts.   The NMIC scores are the most commonly used measurements for power and the COW codes for states are the standards for identifying system members.

International Crisis Behavior data project – A crises based approach to conflicts and crises.  This dataset provides an alternative to dyadic approaches of understanding conflicts.

Economic indicators

Gleditsch trade and GDP data – My preferred set of data for using trade and GDP data.  Careful examination of sources to fill in missing data.  The data that remains missing is imputed, providing a better set of data for analysis.

Institutional Measures

Polity IV – Standard measure for institutional structures.  The Polity2 variable offers a 21 point scale from autocracy (-10) to democracy (10).


The Quantitative Peace – A political science blog that focuses on quantitative and formal questions.


Eugene – GUI software for compiling COW, Polity, and other datasets into dyadic and non-dyadic units of observation.

R – Free statistical software package.  Commands are user written and has become increasingly popular in Political Science and in other fields of research.  The Graphical User Interface (GUI) RStudio is a convenient interface in which to code and operate in.

Stata – Statistical software package that can be purchased.  Well maintained by Statacorp and includes several books on analysis using various statistical Models.

Texshop – A handy set of tools for writing TeX documents.  Includes Bibdesk for reference management.