My research focuses on the interaction between powerful and weak actors in international relations. This page provides some of my recent work on topics of asymmetric conflict, US foreign policy, and international political economy.  For a fuller list of published and ongoing manuscripts, see the latest version of my curriculum vitae or  my Google Scholar citations page.

Asymmetric Conflict

The Effects of US Foreign Policy

  • Putting our Best Boots Forward: US Military Deployments and their Effect on Host-Country Crime” with Michael Flynn and published in Conflict Management and Peace Science. We examine the systemic effect of major troop deployments on aggregate crime rates.
  • The Localized and Spatial Effects of US Troop Deployments on Host-State and Defense Spending” with Michael Flynn and Julie VanDusky-Allen is forthcoming in Foreign Policy Analysis. We find that there is a sample divergence in how states respond to hosting US troops and that some will spend less on their own defense while others (NATO allies specifically) will actually increase their defense contributions.
  • “Military Action as a Natural Experiment on the Natural Environment” with Michael Flynn and Benjamin Farrer examines small islands with US deployments to ascertain the unique environmental footprint that the US military has abroad. We presented this paper at the annual International Studies Association meeting in 2016.

International Political Economy

  • Tightening the Belt: Austerity and Alliance Formation” with Matthew DiGiuseppe and published in International Studies Quarterly. examines how credit can act as a source of power (as most wars are fought on credit); states that lose access to credit will seek other opportunities to enhance their power by forming alliances.
  • The influence of regional power distribution on interdependence” examines how regions of parity and disparity warps global liberalization trends. This paper is forthcoming at the Journal of Conflict Resolution.
  • “Hegemonic Leadership, Security Commitments, and Integration in the Liberal International Order” with Michael Flynn and Colin Barry examines how troop deployments help create different hierarchical relationships and facilitate liberalization and other economic activity with countries.